Free Moto Droid and Nexus One at GDC 2010

Omer Saleem

It is true that if you attend Game Developers Conference 2010 (GDC), you will receive a free complimentary Motorola Droid or Google's latest Nexus One. However, it is not the free giveaways which caught our eye but it was the event which you could register and attend in order to gain the most talked about phones since iPhone.

The GDC site provides an insight that even if you attend the iPhone Summit, you could be the lucky one to get these handsets. How ironic! Just tell me, how would Steve Jobs feel about it. I am not sure what the event organizers were thinking [or maybe smoking] which giving out this promo.


So hurry up as the deadline for registration is till March 10th February 4th but before that do go through all the terms and conditions at GDC website.

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