Top 10 Free Educational Apps for iPad

Kamran Tariq

Reports say there are now more than 200,000 education apps available on Apple's App Store. They are a huge amount with variety to suit every taste. But there are some exceptions on apps for some users who don't want to buy an app. So, I am having a look at favorite free ones currently available. I can surely say that these apps are the best free apps which are also interesting and fun in their ways at all.

Free iOS education apps:

1. iTunes U

(Download from App Store)

iTunes U by far is the best free education app currently available. It has been the very first app to revolutionize how education even happens at university-level. In a simple manner, it's iBooks. Any educational institution in the world can upload anything it likes, and leave it for anyone in the world to learn. You can get free podcasts on all sorts of subjects from Oxford University, you can get a free subscription to a comprehensive Yale course or you can also enjoy a multimedia course from the Open University. Moreover, any lecturer can upload his/her course notes to read or one can upload for the benefit of his/her class alone. Finally, iTunes U is a free resource of learning every subject.

2. Leafsnap

(Download from App Store)

If you look at Leafsnap, it is much more specialised app. As you might guess Leafsnap resembles from its name that it teaches you about the Leaves. That't not only about leaves though. It has a massive database of plants around the world with best high quality photos of leaves, branches, fruits, cones, bark and so on. The most awesome feature about this app is that it actually lets you photograph a leaf with the iPad's onboard camera and will then allow you to identify its species. You may also tag leaf photos where you found it and let other leafsnappers can see. It is a must download app for any Botanist or plant lover.

3. Exoplanet

(Download from App Store)

Exoplanet is an app which enables us to explore ourselves which we could not few years ago. Meanwhile, one can learn about the planets that exist outside the solar system. This is a lovely app about the database of planets. The first thing I learned when I used this app is that how mind-bogglingly huge our galaxy is.

4. 3D Brain

(Download from App Store)

3D Brain wants you to learn more interactively about brains with an awesomely exhaustive pictograph guide of all the parts of human brain. You can in 3D all the different structures of our brain which is the most complex organ and can get comprehend knowledge easily. Download it and lets pretend to be a zombie.

5. Merck PSE HD

(Download from App Store)


Although you may not guess the description of app by its name. But this is the best free periodic table app in the App Store. It is by far the more drab app than others. There's a wealth of knowledge and information on all elements with all the details you could only hope for with some history as well and pictures obviously. I found myself quite amazed that how much elements there that we never ever used.

6. TED

(Download from App Store)

TED acronym by (Technology Entertainment and Design) are the watch series of in-depth talks given by experts in sorts of fields. Common person like us are far from to afford the thousands of dollars required to attend the talks in person but they are amazingly free to watch since 2006. This app will let you to watch all series in all fields. As you know, there are plenty of materials from tech giants on futurology and social networking to medical researchers talking about cutting edge techniques and there is a material on gene therapy, art, music and psychology as well. Its a worth to download app for those who wants to be creative and smart in their respective field.

7. Mindsnacks

(Download from App Store)

Maybe your iPad is not the best tool to teach you to read. But Mindsnacks provide a platform for learner-linguists to grasp the basics of any language. Mindsnacks' simple series of word games is a best example though. They have apps for students (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese with more are on the way). They are particularly best for beginners but the games have a lots of fun and you really can learn doing. It's best for vocab and phrases.

8. Groupboard

(Download from App Store)

Whiteboard Software is not the solution for the educational concepts but it is a transformative idea. If a class is divided into group projects, a collaborative whiteboard space means they can do all the stuff on it without having to crowd around a paper. With Wi-Fi feature, they can share a whiteboard from all around the world. There is a chat function too. Rest of the things are left for the users to workout.

9. Evernote

(Download from App Store)

If you really want to understand what is Cloud Computing, then Evernote will give you the answer that everything cloud computing stands for. You only need one account which will sync your work across all devices no matter who is the manufacturer. This is perfect for sharing and transmitting your data. This app is perfect for taking notes from lecture and then accessing from desktop at home. One can also send them to friends who have not quite made it on that day. There are plenty of options you can explore.

10. Color Uncovered

(Download from App Store)

This is a gorgeous little app teaching one about the basics of color science in general through smart, interactive optical illusions. This app lets you dive with its sumptuous design and then it takes the time to teach you why your brain has let down in that particular object.


The above all are those apps that really showcase the power of Apple iPad. More importantly, they are not space consuming apps, it is only just a matter of minutes to take you around app.

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