Best Free Applications for Windows

Omer Saleem

We have all been there at least a couple of times when there was a task to be done and we didn't have the best tools available to perform it. We searched the Internet for best alternatives or in other words "Free" software but could not make out which one to choose. Here I'm starting up a series of "Best Free Applications" which is not just limited to Windows OS but will also try to cover various mobile OS as well.

Please note that this list is not in any particular order but tops the list due to their ease of use and being "Free" (not even shareware).

1. Cute PDF Writer:
Although now printing a word document or for that matter any document in MS Office is easy with print to PDF tool but that is not available in older versions or even in low end versions of Office. Cute PDF Writer eliminates that hassle and now you can easily convert any document, spreadsheet, presentation or even pictures to PDF by just sending a print command. It is free, open source and comes in a very small package. You can download Cute PDF writer from this link

2. Filezilla FTP Client
Gone are the days of searching for a FTP client for which you need to spend $50 and still would not give you 100% results. With Filezilla, you can be free of worries as it does what any other high end FTP client would do and with perfection. The best part about FZ is that you also get frequent updates automatically so you don't have to worry about the versions as the applications tells you itself whenever the newer version is available. You can download Filezilla from the this link

3. Tera Copy
Not everyone knows about this amazing application which speeds up your file copying up to 4 times over an average speed of Windows native file copying application. You will be amazed with the perfection this nifty little app works as it replaces the native copying app and gives you the time saving capability you always wanted. Trust me on this one, once you have it installed and running, you will never want to have your Windows running without it. This application is free to use for home users and also comes with the Pro version but you don't need it. You can download Tera-Copy from this link

4. Virtual Router
Ever wanted to have your computer's built in Wi-Fi card to act as a router. With Virtual Router you can. On one hand you can have an Ethernet card plugged into the DSL or any Internet connectivity device and have your built in wireless card work as a router so that other people around you or maybe you yourself can connect to the Internet without having to sit in front of the computer (desktop mostly). All you would need is to install this application, run it and your virtual wireless router is ready. This application comes with all the encryption and security settings so you don't have to worry about free loaders on your Internet account. The only downside I see now is that it is for Windows 7 only. You can download Virtual Router from this link

5. Avira Anti-Virus
Who does not need a good and reliable Anti-Virus. I have personally tried and test almost all the paid and free anti-viruses and this one by far has top results (second only to Microsoft Security Essentials). It is light, does not occupy memory and is damn efficient. There are paid versions but you can get Free anti-virus for life if you are a home user and that is all you need. You can download Avira Anti-Virus (Free) from this link

So this is the list for now and there are more to come but in the meanwhile if you need applications for something specific then do let me know on my twitter account. Enjoy!

Note: I have used these apps on Windows Vista and Windows 7 so am pretty sure that they do work on both these OS, except where specifically mentioned.

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