Fractal Design Announces The Meshify 2 And The Meshify 2 XL – The XL Version Can Hold Up To 23 Drives


Whenever someone thinks of a case manufacturer who always combines a solid performance and a great design, a name that always comes to mind is Fractal Design. Fractal Design prides itself on creating cases that combine airflow and good looks. The Meshify case was received well by many people and now many have been waiting for the Meshify 2. The wait is over because Fractal Design has released the Meshify 2 and alongside it, a larger version: the Meshify 2 XL. The Meshify 2 has the same features that everyone loved on the original Meshify case.

The Meshify 2 XL Supports Up To A SSI-EEB Sized Motherboards And A Whopping 23 Drives

Not only does it follow the same formula that the Meshify followed, it expands on that formula. The Meshify 2 range follows the same design philosophy with the priority being a design with no compromises. This time it has welcome additions that include a movable wall for greater flexibility on the inside of the case. It even has a fully removable top panel as well as a removable front nylon filter. The Meshify 2 is only a mid-tower case, but XL version is supports motherboards all the way up to and including SSI-EEB size motherboards. It has space for up 23 drives as well as multiple places for radiator mounting.

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On top of the modular capabilities of the case, the case also features a stellar design. The front panel has an angular mesh design that looks like black diamonds giving it a look like no other case. The panel also provides a great air intake for the case. The case has a lot of flexibility with the new chassis design that opens up to fully expose the case interior on three sides for totally unhindered installation and cable routing.

The Meshify 2 is a great case with all the great features included in the original Meshify and expanded with new features and new chassis for larger systems. It has everything a PC builder would want in a case: modularity, good looks, and great performance.