FormulaMod Launches Granzon Advanced Water Cooling Kit for RTX 3080 and 3090 Models


FormulaMod, located in Guangzhou, China, recently launched the Granzon Advanced GPU Water Cooling Kit, consisting of a water pump with display, a 240 millimeter radiator, and their Bykski water block that supports both NVIDIA RTX 3080 and 3090 graphics cards. The water pump has several inject and outlet connections for those systems that utilize either graphics card and CPU or several GPUs at a given time. Also, the connection between all parts is completed with quick connect hoses allowing for more compatibility as well as ease of use when expanding systems.

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FormulaMod's Granzon all-in-one cooling kit utilizes a radiator that is 24 centimeters long and three centimeters thick. There are two 12 centimeter aRGB fans with a default 1500 RPM and 64.8 CFM located under the radiator.

FormulaMod's focus with this cooling system kit design is the LCD showing, in real-time, information about the device along with the water pump performing between 1800 to 4800 RPM with adjustments to be made during use. The flow rate of the pump performs as high as 700L/h.

The Granzon all-in-one cooling kit is offered in two styles—a single-sided waterway and backplane version, which retails for $261.23, or a double-sided waterway edition that retails for $307.54. Both models can be found on the FormulaMod website, three Alibaba third-party seller stores, one eBay section, as well as numerous physical stores, which they are looking to expand into more locations in the future. On, they are considered a "Top Brand", ensuring to customers trust in their product to be a higher quality than you would typically find, and they are one of the top sellers of Barrow and Bykski designs.

About FormulaMod

  • We provide professional water cooling equipments and related services
  • We have been in AilExpress for over 6 years, since 2013
  • We have got the 'Top Brand' label on Ailexpress
  • We are also the Gold Agent/Seller of Barrow and Bykski.
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  • We provide professional water cooling related products and related services
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  • At present, we are not only agent and selling products of major water cooling brands,
  • But also gradually developing our own branded products.
  • Strive to bring more practical, more funny, and cooler products to every water cooling builder.

Source: FormulaMod