Don’t Forget, Final Fantasy V Releasing on Steam September 24th


Final Fantasy V is finally coming to Steam, and will be the eleventh Final Fantasy to have made its way there, bringing the typical JRPG flair once again, but this time without the remastered 3D graphics.

Updated controls and a revamped active-time battle system bring Final Fantasy V into the modern age.

The classic adventure that originally was a Japanese only title is coming to the PC at the end of the month. The graphics that appeared in the GameBoy Advance remaster have been preserved, though with upscaled textures for a far better looking game. The original artist has actually returned to remake the art in the original spirit.

If you're a collector of the Final Fantasy series, and it's easy to be, then it might be something worth checking out. It'll have full controller support (of course) and care making this as close to the original as possible, with the graphics being one complaint about Final Fantasy IV that we had. There are 26 different character classes, or jobs, five characters to choose from for your party and of course deep Steam integration.

The Sealed Temple also makes a return, as does a the optional boss known as Enuo. And of course the music will be absolutely stunning, as is par for the course for this series.

Final Fantasy V will be available on Steam on September 24th 2015 without remastered graphics for $14.39 which goes up to $15.00 after it releases.