It Is Now Possible To Order Food And Booze From Prime Now Using Alexa In Just Two Hours


Last week Amazon embedded Alexa into the Amazon shopping app for iOS and now it’s introducing another feature for the digital assistant. Alexa can now be used to order essentials immediately through Prime Now. Prime Now is the company’s two-hour delivery service and is currently operating in 30 cities across the states. It allows you to order things like detergents, chips, diapers, office supplies and even alcohol from the comfort of your homes.

Amazon, Prime Now and Alexa

To avail this all you have to do is tell the assistant that you wish to order from Prime Now to get the two hour delivery window. If you say, “Alexa, order dish soap from Prime Now", the assistant will suggest types of soap that you can buy. If you confirm your product, Alexa will add the product to your Prime Now cart. You have to meet a $20 minimum order amount and once you meet that condition the digital assistant will place the order and your product/products will arrive in two hours. Basic essentials aren’t the only thing that you can buy, you can also order restaurant delivery and customers in some cities can even order booze!

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All this is very exciting and all amazon users must be very pleased about this. However, let me add one bad thing. iOS users will be disappointed by this but Prime Now ordering via Alexa is only available on Amazon devices like Echo, Tap and Fire tablets. It is currently not possible to order anything through Prime Now via Alexa in the shopping app.

Amazon is known for making things easier for its customers. Once again it is working to make the online shopping experience much easier than just cunning down to a local store and getting whatever you need. The company is giving Alexa and Alexa enabled Amazon devices a major edge over competitors like Google Home. Yes it is true that you can order stuff using the Google’s assistant but in this fast paced world time is money and Google doesn’t give you the two hour order delivery window.
Some standard rules apply for customers ordering through Prime Now with Alexa. You should be a Prime subscriber and you should have an associated payment method so that Alexa knows how the order must be charged.