Apple’s Foldable iPhone Once More Reported to Debut in 2023 With Clamshell Design


Apple’s foldable iPhone might be a part of the headlines, but according to the latest update, it does not appear ready for a launch soon, with the latest timeline stating that it may release in 2023.

Apple Reportedly Working With LG to Develop the OLED Foldable Panel

The reasons for Apple’s hesitation in releasing a foldable iPhone have not been mentioned in the latest report by Business Korea, but this new information does state that Apple is working with LG Display to develop this foldable screen technology. When completely unfolded, the display is said to measure 7.5 inches diagonally and will likely sport a clamshell design.

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In the past, Apple has been reported to have an inward folding iPhone prototype, but the frequencies of the clamshell model have been higher, suggesting that the technology giant might be pressing to release this version first. This design may be preferred because production costs will be less in comparison to the inward folding iPhone prototype, and unlike the latter, there will be fewer points of breakage, meaning the clamshell iPhone could tout more durability.

Previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared the same 2023 release timeline as Business Korea while also stating that Apple could ship between 15-20 million units of this particular model. He mentions that customers will flock towards the Apple camp thanks to cross-product ecosystems and hardware design advantages. There was a separate rumor stating that this foldable iPhone will ship two years from now and will have Apple Pencil support too.

Then again, Apple could abandon this project before it reaches the mass production stage as the company may not see any profitability in releasing a device of this form factor. Currently, Samsung is the undisputed leader of the foldable smartphone market, but its market share could be severely threatened when Apple becomes a part of this category. The only reason we might not see the foldable iPhone sooner is Apple is likely waiting for the technology to mature, allowing it to secure critical components from suppliers at a significantly lower price.

The ongoing chip shortage may have forced TSMC to delay its 3nm chips, but if Apple does procure multiple shipments, it will likely be done at great cost. To mitigate the deleterious effects of the chip shortage, the foldable iPhone release might be delayed until component costs stabilize. Until then, we will have to make do with regular-shaped iPhones.

News Source: Business Korea