Flawless Windows 7 Flawed by Battery Issues

Feb 3, 2010

The problem is not new. It started as early as mid 2009 when Microsoft Windows 7 was still in Beta phase. User started to report that their standard battery life started decreasing ever since Windows 7 was installed on their laptops. It was not specific to any particular brand but was coming in from all the OEM laptop users. Microsoft's Windows 7 support site has user posting their battery problems as early as June 2009 and now Microsoft has reported to have gotten real serious about it.

Releasing a statement today, Microsoft spokesperson said that ""We are investigating this issue in conjunction with our hardware partners, which appears to be related to system firmware (BIOS)."

The problem started appearing last year as user were experiencing strange happenings to their laptop batteries, which started to lose battery time while running Windows 7. The strange problem was not fixed through change of OS but it could not be fixed. Something somewhere went wrong when user started complaining a permanent reduction in the battery life of their laptops. Now right now neither Microsoft nor any other hardware OEM have come up with any explanation as to why it happens but if the problem is not addressed and taken care of early, the perfect Windows 7 might become a horrid dream for Microsoft.