Tile Just Got a Newer Version and it’s Awesome

After getting successful funding from Kickstarter the ‘Tile’ is now expanding its services to even more people, Tile now has a newer version which will be available at most retail and online stores. So now losing your stuff is as easy as finding it. Just by attaching a small device to your valuables you can keep them safe, so the next time you leave your keychain in the pocket of your trousers which are tucked away in the cupboard you won’t have to search through all your clothes to find them (such a relief).

You can now find your stuff even if it's out of range

The new version of Tile is basically designed to help you find your keys, purse/wallet, mobile or literally anything that can be possibly attached to the small square(ish) device. To avoid any chaos when finding your stuff what you can do is pair your Android or Apple phones to the Tile and whenever you need to find something all you need to do is tap a button on your cell phone and the Tile will start beeping in no time. But you already know that don’t you, so in the newer version the company has made the tones much louder and they have a larger range around, so Tile will work within 100 feet from now on.

This time Tile has also got another new feature, this is feature is a rather helpful one. When you lose something and are unable to find it anywhere near you then all you have to do is alert the Tile Hive Mind, what this will do is it will automatically enable every Tile user’s phone search and all of their phones will start searching for your lost item. And the best thing about that is that only you will be alerted of the location on your phone and the person whose phone was used to detect the item won’t know a thing, hence maintaining your privacy.

The company has also updated its app which allows you to ring your phone if it’s lost. The new tile has a button that you can double tap to make your phone ring even when it is on silent mode, the only requirement is that it be in Bluetooth range. The new version of Tile isn’t really slim for such a type of device it’s 3/16th of an inch thick, it has a fully sealed battery which the company says will last a whole year before it needs to be replaced. It costs $25 but I think it’s worth the price, because losing your phone or keys is way worse than spending 25 bucks on a device that helps you find them, and relieves you of the anxiety too!


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