Find my iPhone app your knight in shinning armor

Jun 18, 2010

Cell phone robbery is becoming pretty common but whats really sad is when you lose your precious iPhone, fret not for Apple has answered your prayers by releasing a remarkable application which tells you the location of your stolen iPhone! The best part is the Application is absolutely free and requires an iOS of 3.1.3 or newer. One of the application more useful well application is you can remotely wipe your data so if your a businessman with vital information stored on your iPhone or just don't want some nasty pervert looking into your photo album simply log into a pc and wipe your iPhone.

The application not only works with the iPhone but it also works with the iPod Touch and even the iPad. The application uses a remote desktop (atleast I think it is) called MobileME which is basically the connection between your PC and an iPhone you can login to your MobileMe account anywhere and either locate your iPhone or choose to wipe the data off. For once Apple has done a great service to their consumers and I am sure this app will definitely come in handy.

Source: EnGadget Via iTunes Store