Final Fantasy XVI New Trailer Provides New Look At The Game’s Gorgeous World, Intense Combat and More

Francesco De Meo
Final Fantasy XVI

A new Final Fantasy XVI trailer has been shared online today, providing a new look at the game's setting, gorgeous world, combat, and more.

The trailer, which can be watched below, reveals some new information on the land of Valisthea, which has been dying as the crystals slowly fade away, and the kingdoms found in this land, such as the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, the Iron Kingdom and a few others. The new Final Fantasy XVI trailer also features some combat which shows Joshua and Clive fighting and flashy disposing of a lot of different enemies, as well as Eikons and more.

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Who shall claim their fading light?
From a single spark, will the land ignite
A new shadow rises to fall upon the Dominants,
painting their destinies black as night.

It has been fifteen hundred years since the fall of our forebears, and Valisthea has been slowly dying ever since. Darkness spreads as day gives way to twilight, the Mothers' flame now all but a flicker. And as the fringes fade, the people flock to the Mothercrystals.

The release of the new Final Fantasy XVI trailer is most definitely welcome, but it wasn't really surprising, as producer Naoki Yoshida did say last month that a new trailer would be released in October. He also confirmed that the game can be played from beginning to end and is a roller coaster of story and action, which today's trailer seems to suggest.

Final Fantasy XVI launches sometime during Summer 2023 on PlayStation 5, and any other version of the game has yet to be officially confirmed. We will keep you updated on the game, or any other version of it, as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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