No Significant Final Fantasy XV Recorded English Voice Acting Has Been Cut; Holiday DLC To Expand Fishing

Despite generally being a very good game, there are some aspects of the recently released Final Fantasy XV that are definitely controversial, such as the way the story is presented, which is unusual for the Square Enix series. Many have been wondering if much has been cut from the game, and a few hours ago Noctis' voice actor revealed some interesting details on the matter.

In a Reddit AMA session held on the Final Fantasy subreddit, Ray Chase, who also voiced Edgar in World of Final Fantasy, revealed that nothing significant that has been recorded has been cut from the game.

As far as I know, nothing truly significant that we recorded was cut from the game, however we only record after the Japanese cast records, so we're usually far at the end of the dev cycle. I feel personally there should be more cutscenes during some chapters, for example, Jared's story flew by most people without much context, but I feel Square will be good on their word about filling in the gaps. Here's hoping!

Ray Chase also talked about the voice recording process, which has been handled with a lot of care apparently, with Square Enix even allowing retakes on lines that needed improvements after playtesting, something that does not happen often due to high costs.

I've answered most of your questions below, but I'd like to add here that one luxury we had that a lot of other games don't is that we were able to do retakes on lines that needed touch-ups after playtesting. Normally you don't get a chance to do that because it's cost-prohibitive, but Square wanted to make sure that every scene worked well. I'm very grateful for those! It ensured that each of our bro-nversations sounded perfectly natural.

Ray Chase has also been asked about the game's upcoming DLC packs. While he doesn't know much about the extra episodes focused on Noctis' companions, he did mention that the Holiday DLC will expand fishing and that it will quite funny.

Gauntlet thrown!
In the Holiday DLC - there is more fishing! Woo-hoo!

Well hello Schalakitty! Thanks for being such a great fan. 😀
There's so much funny stuff in this game... One of my favorites is something like "You think this is a game?" "Uh, yeah?"
But I keep harping on it because it's fresh on my mind...but the Holiday DLC... is sooo frkn funny
Milo is here next to me. Pet!

Final Fantasy XV is now available in all regions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions. We will keep you updated on the game's future DLC and updates as soon as possible, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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