Final Fantasy XV Demo Getting Updated Next Month

Square Enix announced via Tiwtter that the Final Fantasy XV demo, Epsiode Duscae, is getting updated next month with changes and improvements asked for by the community.

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscau 2.0 is due out next month with frame rate, camera and even character fixes.

Demo’s usually don’t get updated in any way shape or form. But to further develop and improve Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix has decided to treat the demo as a sort of beta platform, and will be releasing a patch for it that fixes a number of issues and concerns that players had. Most notably the patch should offer fixes for the way the camera works and frame rate improvements. The fixes will be technical in nature.

While it was arguably one of the most complete demo’s ever released that provided a more in-depth character and story development than most complete games. But it wasn’t without its flaws, however. Eurogamer was nice enough to organize some of the top complaints within the Final Fantasy XV demo and Square Enix’s response to each one. As a result, the more major complaints are going to be addressed in the upcoming patch. The top fifteen complaints, as compiled by Eurogamer, are listed below.

  1. The lock-on was useless
  2. The camera is too close. I can’t tell what’s going on.
  3. Camera felt heavy or sluggish.
  4. The AI is dumb. Allies get in the way.
  5. The jaggies. But the drop in frame-rate is even more concerning.
  6. So I get that motion is realistic. But because of that, it feels slow.
  7. Can you at least add a minimap or a compass?
  8. I want to dodge action that doesn’t rely on MP.
  9. A Game that’s all about hiding behind rocks and replenishing MP.
  10. Battles are too difficult or too easy.
  11. It’s too monotonous.
  12. The stamina needed for dashing is annoying. You can’t even run that fast.
  13. Many players enjoyed warping, but would like to see it usable as a regular means of moving around.
  14. Please let me cancel attacks by evading.
  15. Lots of bugs

Another major complaint was in the sexually suggestive portrayal of the character Cindy. The games director, Hajima Tabata addressed that particular complaint head on telling fans that she isn’t meant to be portrayed in such a way and that changes would on the way.

So maybe it's about moderating the way she's presented, where it appears as though overly sexual themes are being brought to the forefront, because that's not who she's supposed to be. Maybe as long as we maintain those boundaries.Her character is not about sex. She is not supposed to be too sexy, but the male members on the dev team did their best to create her. As a result, perhaps too much of their heart and soul went into her.

-Hajima Tabata

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