Final Fantasy XV Day One Patch To Introduce Camera Improvements


Final Fantasy XV, the latest entry of the series developed by Square Enix, was originally scheduled for a September 30th release date in all regions, but director Hajime Tabata and his team delayed the game a month before release so to improve it further and avoid having to release it with a big day one patch. A "big" day one patch will not be released, but apparently a smaller one will still be coming.

In a recent Final Fantasy XV video preview by Jeuxvideo, it's been confirmed that the Final Fantasy XV day one patch will come with some welcome camera improvements, as the current one is what bothers director Hajime Tabata the most. The full list of the changes and tweaks coming with the day one patch has yet to be shared, but we will surely learn more about the matter soon, considering we're quite close to release.

Last week, another short Final Fantasy XV trailer has been made available online. The Amazon RoadTrip trailer focused on the Amazon exclusive pre-order DLC packs like the Golden Chocobo Regalia, the Blazefire Saber and Mage Mashers weapons from previous Final Fantasy games and more.

Earlier this month, we managed to get the first look at what is presumably the final version of Final Fantasy XV in a new preview video. Improvements over the builds we have seen earlier this year are quite noticeable, so the extra development time definitely helped the game.

Final Fantasy XV launches on November 29th in all regions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.