Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots and Information Leaked – Lalafell and More Detailed.

Usman Pirzada

Its mostly about Lalafell and is one mother load of screenshots. Without further ado the Leaked Screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV. From the Gilgamish, to Airships, to Rideable Mounts and Nostalgic Devices here its - lalafell and FFXIV detailed.

Screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV

FF XIV Screenshots
These screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV show a Lalafell floating near a giant crystal – crystals aren’t unusual in Final Fantasy – infact far from it, however this crystal appears to be very Story Centric.

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The characters of Final Fantasy XIV show massive potential for character development.


The screenshots here show the Enemy that we Final Fantasy players it seems have been born to fight with. Players coming from the Final Fantasy X and XII would even recognize these foes.


Final Fantasy XIV Summoners


Megafurea – the High Level Dungeon Zone of Final Fantasy XIV.

This is a high level dungeon zone where Dragon Bahamuts will appear.


The Gilgamesh Will Make An Appearance in Final Fantasy XIV.

People who played the past Final Fantasies would be especially familiar with this then most. I for one am rejoicing because the cameo in Final Fantasy XII was an absolute Gem, anyone remember the time he tip toed in to collect his sword.


The Airships it seems are also going to be in the Final Fantasy world as usual.









Rideable Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV

Heres a Lalafell riding a Madou Armour


Concluding Thoughts about Final Fantasy XIV

Having been a hardcore Final Fantasy fanatic since generation one, I can safely say that the feel of Final Fantasy is changing. However it would seem to me that the actual essence of Final Fantasy where anything is possible is being retained somehow, the familiar armour of the ‘Imperials’ or the moogle-like Lalafell, the land where anything is possible remains; Ie Final Fantasy remains. The Screenshots also show that Developers are trying to play the Nostalgia Card in most of the scenes to tempt the gamers into buying and give the Final Fantasy series another chance after the Heavily Linear Final Fantasy 13.


Leaked Screenshots and Artwork Of Final Fantasy XIV about Everything Else

Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots leaked via 4Gamer.

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