Final Fantasy VII Remake Optimization Tweaks Improve DX12 Performance, TAA, Ambient Occlusion and More

Francesco De Meo
Final Fantasy VII

A new Final Fantasy VII Remake mod that has been shared online in the past few days brings some welcome performance and visual improvements to the recently released PC version of the game.

The new mod, which is actually a tweaked engine.ini file, brings some GPU and VRAM optimizations that improve DX12 streaming/loading Mip's HLOD, Textures, Shaders streaming, resolving the majority of the stuttering issues as long as the user stays within their VRAM limits. The modified file also brings improvements for TAA, Tonemaps, SSR, SSS, ambient occlusion lighting, and postprocessing.

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To make use of this Final Fantasy VII Remake modified ini file, users will also need to install FFVIIHook - INI first. Additionally, the tweaks have been made with an RTX 3070 8 GB VRAM GPU, so further tweaks are needed for different GPUs.

Improved performance optimizations with DX12 streaming/loading Mip's LOD, Textures, Shaders streaming, improves the visual quality by prioritizing visible mips over force loaded mips, Only stream the last mip. The other mips are always loaded. Create shaders on load, which can reduce hitching, but use more memory, allows the texture streamer to first load the visible mips from a texture when non visible mips must also be loaded. This improves the visual quality by prioritizing visible mips over force loaded mips or hidden mips that could become visible. Shadowmap encoding after rebuild lightmaps is done multithreaded. Lightmap encoding after rebuild lightmaps is done multithreaded. Create Pipeline State Objects asynchronously, enabled for passes tagged for async compute (default); 2:enabled for all compute passes implemented to use the compute command list to asynchronously build distance field volume data from meshes.
Slightly Increased visual Quality For TAA, Tonemaps, SSR, SSS, AO lighting/ postprocessing.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PC (via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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