Final Fantasy VII Remake New Combat, Weapon Growth, Summon Details Revealed By Famitsu

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Some new details on the Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay mechanics emerged thanks to a recent Famitsu article.

This article, translated by Reddit user Shiroguma48, provides some additional details on the combat system, confirming that keeping the Square button pressed will allow Cloud to unleash another attack that is not part of the regular combo string.

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Combat in the Final Fantasy VII Remake uses RPG style commands as a base, with Action style elements blended in. Pressing the square button marked ‘Attack’ will perform a regular attack, pressing repeatedly will link into a combo, and holding down square will unleash an area based attack. On top of that, pressing triangle allows you to use a character’s unique ability. Let’s have a look at Cloud’s.

Some new details on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Weapon Growth system have also been revealed.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, you can improve the strength of your weapons by spending SP to unlock the potential of the Core Materia hidden within. The screenshot to the right is the upgrade screen for Cloud’s Buster Sword. It looks like lots of things are possible, from increasing stats like Attack Power, Magic Power and Max HP, to increasing the number of Materia Slots. Furthermore, each weapon has it’s own unique abilities. Your proficiency with these abilities raises the more you use them, and once your proficiency maxes out, you learn the ability and can use it regardless of what weapon you have equipped.

Lastly, some new details have also been shared on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Chocobo summon.

CHOCOBO & MOOGLE - Riding on his buddy Chocobo, Moogle travels the world. He might look cute, but he shows his enemies no mercy when he drops the “Mog Bomb”!

ULTIMATE ABILITY - Chocobo & Moogle’s ultimate ability is called ‘Stampede’. They run down the enemy with a herd of chocobos!


The new details are nothing major, but they are still nice to know, especially for the battle system, which is looking more promising with every new reveal.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020.

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