Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Motion Capture Actress Recorded Long Session With Sephiroth’s Actor

Francesco De Meo
Final Fantasy VII Remake

The second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is not going to be released anytime soon, but work on it is moving ahead, with motion capture actors recording their performance for the upcoming game.

Speaking on Twitter, Aerith motion capture actress Asuka Yoshikawa recently revealed that she has recorded a four-hour long session with Sephiroth's motion capture actor. Both actors have been praised for their performance by the staff.

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Aerith and Sephiroth don't interact much in the original game, so it is possible the actors recorded an extended version of their encounter in the Forgotten City. At the same time, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is changing things around quite a bit, so it will be very interesting to see how the two characters will interact in the second part of the remake, not counting the fateful encounter seen in the original.

Final Fantasy VII Remake released earlier this year on PlayStation 4. The game may not be the most faithful remake ever made, but it's still a wonderful modernization of the series' classic formula, and a great JRPG in its own right.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a masterful modernization of the series' classic formula. The game is an extremely solid JRPG that looks, sounds and plays great, despite some pacing issues and linearity. That said, the unexpected story twists may sour the experience a bit for those who expected a faithful remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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