Final Fantasy IX PC/Mobile Battle Interface Shown, FMV Will Play In 4:3 Format


Earlier today Square Enix has shown more of the soon to be released PC and mobile port of the classic role playing game Final Fantasy IX and some new details on the game have also surfaced online.

According to what has been said during today's livestream, these new versions of the game have been developed by Silicon Studio Thailand and it seems like the studio has done a rather good job. This new version of Final Fantasy IX looks quite a bit better than the original PlayStation release, with even interface elements, font and dialogue boxes coming with a higher resolution.

Unlike some of the more recent Final Fantasy ports, Final Fantasy IX will feature a very good combat interface that doesn't look all that different from the one featured in the original PlayStation version. Considering how weird the Final Fantasy VI PC version combat interface feels at times, this is quite welcome.

Lastly, Full Motion Videos seem to have been left untouched, as they will play in a 4:3 format. The combat framerate also seems to be the same as in the original PlayStation version, but it's hard to tell for sure from a livestream. Load times for battles are still pretty long, unfortunately, but things may be different in the final release.

If you can't check out today's stream but still want to see more of the new versions of Final Fantasy IX, we have taken a few screenshots from the stream itself. You can check them out right below.

Final Fantasy IX will be released on a yet to be confirmed date on Steam, Google Play and iTunes. We will let you know when the game will become available as soon as possible so stay tuned for all the latest news.