Fan Made Original Deus Ex Recreation Blessed by Square Enix, Out Now on Steam


Today Square Enix are continuing their celebration of the 15th anniversary of the release of the original Deus Ex by authorizing a fan-created mod for the first Deus Ex game originally released in 2000. This mod, which is called Revision, was created by Caustic Creative and significantly overhauls the environments and soundtrack of the original.

Feeling nostalgic? Fire up a new fan created fully blessed-off Deus Ex mod.

The original Deus Ex was a splendid experience in that it was one of the first to combine FPS and RPG's in a way that was palpable to a wider variety of people. The story and character development were (and still largely are) second to none. It's fantastic to see that Square Enix is embracing the modding community by allowing this to be an official representation of one of the best games ever made.

“Where other projects fill in detail around the edges of the game by tuning gameplay mechanics or improving textures, we focus on the visceral core of the Deus Ex experience, bringing new level design, aesthetic direction and world-building detail,”

- John French, Creative Director, Caustic Creative

So if you're curious about reliving a classic, head on over here to download it and play it completely free. You'll need to have the original Deus Ex in order to play it.