Fallout Broken City Mod for New Vegas is a New DLC Mod That Revolves Around “The Courier” and a Certain Distress Call


The brand-new Fallout Broken City mod for Fallout: New Vegas is a work-in-progress DLC-sized mod that aims to add new main and side quests alongside new gameplay mechanics, new gear, and more.

Being created by modding team “Dead Shock Studios”, the purpose of the Broken City mod is to add plenty of new content to New Vegas, including more than 3 main questlines and over 30 side quests.

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“In the ruins of what remains San Francisco, Vault 44 has been sending a distress signal”, the introduction of the mod reads.

"To Anyone who gets this... This is Vault 44... Power Running Low... Please Send... (static)"

In addition to adding new quests and content, the upcoming mod for New Vegas also offers new gameplay mechanics once finished, including fishing, an underground railway, and drivable boats. Down below you’ll find the main features that the team hopes to include in the near future.

Fallout Broken City DLC Mod for New Vegas Main Features

  • A New DLC Intro Video
  • Over 3 Different Main Questlines with over 30+ Side Quests each.
  • Over 100+ Hours of Voice Acting.
  • A Very Large Worldspace in California - San Francisco.
  • An Epic War between The Shi, The NCR, and The Brotherhood Of Steel.
  • Pirate Radio Station "The Bay" with DJ Jimmy Reese and DJ Grover Biggs
  • News Radio Station "The Breezeway" with updates in the News.
  • 10 Potential Human Companions
  •  4  Potential Robot Companions
  • A Potential Aquatic Companion


  • Fallout: Broken City takes you through what remains of San Francisco.
  • Featuring 3+ different main questlines:
  • Join The Brotherhood of Steel and Take San Francisco
  • Join The NCR and Take San Francisco
  • Join The Shi and Defend San Francisco
  • Join The Tanker Vagrants and Defend San Francisco
  • Join The Hubologists and Leave Earth
  • Or Form an Alliance and Save San Francisco.

It should be noted that the Broken City mod is still work-in-progress, and as such, a lot of the described features haven’t been included just yet. At the moment of writing, an early alpha of the mod can be downloaded through Nexusmods. Those interested can check it out here. Of course, you'll need the full version of Fallout: New Vegas on PC to be able to try out this modification.

We’ll update as soon as we learn more about the progress of this impressive new mod for Fallout: New Vegas.