Fallout 76 Patch 11 Released; Packs Power Armor Changes, Gameplay Improvements for New Players and More

Aernout van de Velde
fallout 76 patch 11 power armor

Bethesda has released Fallout 76 patch 11, which offers Power Armor changes, gameplay improvements for new players, Nuclear Winter balance changes and more.

The update overhauls the underlying systems behind Power Armor to fix numerous Power Armor-related bugs, improve its performance and help the entire system function more smoothly in general. “While most of these are “under the hood” improvements, we believe these changes will help you have better experiences, and encounter fewer issues, while wearing your favorite set of Power Armor”, Bethesda explains.

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Patch 11 also includes changes for new players to better adapt to the life in the Wasteland, including some nerfs to enemies.

In addition to the above, Fallout 76’s latest update offers some performance and stability improvements. Due to the full release notes being quite extensive, we’ve only included the Power Armor-related changes, New Player Gameplay improvements and Nuclear Winter balance changes down below:

Fallout 76 Patch 11 July 16th Release Notes

Power Armor Improvements

We’ve reworked the underlying systems behind Power Armor to address a ton of Power Armor related bugs, improve performance, and help the entire system function more smoothly overall. While most of these are “under the hood” improvements, we believe these changes will help you have better experiences, and encounter fewer issues, while wearing your favorite set of Power Armor.

As this brings a significant update to our Power Armor systems, some players may notice the following one-time side effects upon logging in after downloading today’s patch:

  • Power Armor pieces may have been unequipped from Power Armor Chassis you own and moved from your Stash to your inventory, or vice versa. You will need to re-equip those pieces after logging in.
  • Some players may receive an extra Power Armor chassis or extra Power Armor pieces in their inventory or Stash that weren’t present prior to Patch 11. These are items that didn’t save correctly when you originally collected them, and the Power Armor improvements mentioned above have restored them.

If you had one or more Power Armor Chassis in your Stash before installing Patch 11, your character may have been moved to a Train Station in the world. This was done to help players who became overencumbered due to Power Armor pieces and chassis moving into their inventory transfer those items back into their Stash without needing to walk home from their current location in the world.

Gameplay Improvements for New Players

We’ve made a number of changes to the early-game to help Dwellers who are just stepping out of Vault 76 better adapt to life in the Wasteland.

  • C.A.M.P. Deployment: Redeploying a camp shortly after a deployment no longer incurs a Caps penalty.
  • Challenges: The rewards for many early-game Challenges have been reworked and now award items that will help a new player survive, such as Aid, Weapons, Armor, and etc., instead of Atoms.
  • Diseases: Players must now be level 15 or higher to receive a disease.
  • Enemies: Some enemy difficulties have been adjusted:
  • Ash Heap: The level range for creature spawns has been reduced from 15 – 35 to 15 – 20 in the following locations:
  • Belching Betty, Ashforge, and The Rusty Pick.
  • Savage Divide: The level range for creature spawns has been reduced from 15 – 99 to 15 – 25 in the following locations:
  • Top of the World, Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, Pleasant Valley Cabins, Pleasant Valley Train Station, NAR Regional, Fissure Site Tau, Cliffwatch, South Cutthroat Camp, and Beckwith Farm.
  • Toxic Valley: The level range for creature spawns has been reduced from 10 – 25 to 10 – 15 in the following locations:
  • Cobbleton Farm, Becker Farm, Grafton, Clarksburg, Eastern Regional Pen, and Smith Farm.
  • Events: Fertile Soil now triggers in a smaller area and is confined to the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center.
  • Fast Travel: Cap costs when Fast Traveling have been reduced for players under level 25.
  • Holotapes: Government Supply Requisition Holotapes will no longer spawn in Flatwoods and cannot be looted by players who have not yet reached level 10 or higher.
  • Random Encounters: Removed a random encounter that could cause a large group of Level 5 Protectrons to spawn for low level players on the road to Flatwoods.

Nuclear Winter Balance


  • Frog Legs: Jumping in rapid succession now temporarily reduces maximum jump height and requires a short rest to recuperate.
  • Master Perk Cards: Select Master Perk Cards have received bonus damage reductions.
  • Commando Master
  • Heavy Gunner Master
  • Guerrilla Master
  • Rifleman Master
  • Shotgun Master
  • Demolition Expert
  • Dev Note: In general, these Perk Cards were too powerful and began to feel more like required picks than options. So, we’ve balanced them out to better reflect their cost value.


  • Explosive Weapons: Greatly increased the damage that explosive weapons deal against C.A.M.P. objects and Structures.
  • Laser Auto Pistol: The Laser Auto pistol no longer fires multiple beams per shot.
  • Scoped Hunting Rifle: Reduced the size Scoped Hunting Rifle’s magazine from 5 to 1.
  • Dev Note: This change will help the scoped gunplay of this weapon feel smoother and does not negatively affect its DPS.

The full release notes for this new update can be found here.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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