Fallout 76 Nukes Disabled Due to Access Code Bug, Bethesda Promises Hotfix

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Update: Following a period of maintenance, Fallout 76's nuke silo issues should be fixed. We'll keep you updated if any further issues crop up.

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Original story: Fallout 76’s nukes are broken. I suppose that’s not a huge shock, considering the myriad of other problems the game has had, but still…you’d think Bethesda could get this one very big, very explosive thing right. Usually, Fallout 76’s nuclear silo codes reset ever week, but this week the codes were non-functional duplicates of last week’s codes. At first, players thought the messed up codes might have been related to an upcoming event, but it seems that isn’t the case.

Here’s some more info about the bug from Redditor Waffle Cop:

  • The codes were correctly removed from my inventory at the correct time.
  • Once the codes were wiped I started to farm the new codes, they ended up being the same as last weeks.
  • the words stayed on the board until 9PM PST and then they disappeared it says both completed and incomplete on the wall.
  • Access to the silos is also being denied.
  • You cannot search for more code pieces.
  • The missile silo holotape shows that they are temporarily unavailable.

Bethesda has since stepped in to say they’re investigating the issue…

In a separate post on Reddit, a Bethesda rep says a Hotfix should be coming sometime today, although nothing has been released yet. We’ll update you when/if a fix is released.

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As mentioned, Fallout 76 launched in a rough state (Wccftech’s Chris Wray only gave the game a 5 in his review), but Bethesda has been making an effort to improve the game with a steady steam of updates. The game’s next major update will give players the option to open their own shops.

Fallout 76 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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