Fallout 4 is Official, Coming to PS4, PC, and Xbox One

Jeff Williams

Someone at Bethesda was a little trigger happy and let the official Fallout 4 site go live earlier than planned, though now it's not available it did reveal some great details. Fallout 4 is definitely coming soon, and it looks fantastic.

Fallout 4 is official, and it's coming to the PS4, Xbox One and the PC.

The site is finally online! And it looks amazing, we now know that it's definitely real and definitely coming to consoles and PC. For more information we'll have to wait until the official time, which is in an hour. More details will be posted as we get them.

Fallout 4 appears to be the origin story of the Fallout series, a look into what happened to precipitate the nuclear war and also what happened immediately afterwards. Having a canine friend featured really hits the emotional nail on the head. The trailer is perfect, and we can only guess as to the actual story and who we'll be playing in game. Perhaps this time we won't be a vault dweller, but instead a survivor of another capacity.

Everything we could ever possibly want in a Fallout game has been featured in the trailer. It's gorgeous, has power armor, Nuka Cola, and of course all of the post-apocalyptic destruction you could ever hope for.

The graphics might not necessarily do the new generation justice, though this is perhaps just a tease of what's to come. The actual underlying game engine is unknown, and we still don't know how how much more improved the visual fidelity can be. Is this Gamebryo? Perhaps, but it could also be the initial development using a new engine. Only time will reveal that information I'm afraid.

The great thing is that for the Fallout series of games (and Fallout 4 no doubt), the graphics are only part of the equation. The story, atmosphere, humor and general grandness are what draws people to it. It's so much more than its graphics.

Thanks to reader Vladimir Lenin for finding more pictures for us to post. This one seems very interesting and is a confirmation of at least some divergent settlements that have survived the nuclear fallout. Notice the colors are less dull, however? Great lighting.

And of course the sweet screen capture below showing off the box art and Pip Boy kindly presenting to you his latest adventure. You can pre-order at our favorite retailer, though pre-order incentives haven't been listed, if there are any.

If you do feel the need to pre-order, Fallout 4 is $59.99 and has a release date tentatively set for December 31st 2015 as per Amazon.


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