Fallout 4 New Texture Pack Vastly Improves Buildings And Interiors’ Quality

Fallout 4

A new texture pack has been released for Fallout 4, improving the visual quality of the base game's buildings and interiors.

The Fallout 4 SavrenX HD 1K Buildings and Interior pack enhances quality without impacting performance. It's also extremely light, so no player should encounter any major issue.

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Enhance All buildings and interior to HD1K quality without sacrifice FPS. Smaller and Lighter than Vanilla. Literally.

Many peoples TRAPPED with concept like " Only 2k or 4k can give us good details ".
Actually 1k - 2k - 4k only let you see the details CLOSER. So...4k = quality ?.....Learn from blurry 4k.

These Fallout 4 textures are not for some maniac who love to take screenshot into Wood Pores. We must understand these textures for Gameplay compromised with quality. Not for Super Duper Close Screenshot. Even RE2, Witcher 3, and Metro Exodus still using 1k for many objects. But their textures so good. This is why i made this textures pack for our fallout.

With this Fallout 4 pack, now your settlements, covenant, sanctuary, and all buildings including interior quality should be good and playable even with a big settlement.

Because this pack Smaller than Vanilla, this pack very ideal as Default Architecture and Interior textures replacer.

Fallout 4 is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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