Fallout 4 Has Astounding Amounts of Dialogue, More Than Skyrim and Fallout 3 Combined


Bethesda has a way with words. Specifically the script writers end up putting in copious amounts of dialogue in their games, to along with the generally lengthy saga's that you embark upon. Fallout 4 has been assumed to be no different. And it builds upon its predecessor immensely.

Fallout 4 contains over 111k lines of dialogue.

What might be contributing to the huge increase in dialogue is the fact that the protagonist will have their own voice for the first time ever in Fallout history. Two sets of dialogue with different pronouns for the separate male and female characters might also account for some of that too.

Bethesda admits that having the main character actually speak makes for a better story, and we happen to agree. It's a more fluid and interactive experience. Now the voice-over work has been completed, we're inching ever closer to experiencing that interactive experience.

Last week Bethesda also tweeted that nearly 2x the game assets were created for Fallout 4 when compared to Skyrim, likely being nearly 3x than Fallout 3. All of these numbers would seem to add up to a very large game with a lot of individuality and differentiation. It's going to be a very ambitious foray into post-apocalyptic entertainment.