Fallout 4 1TB Xbox One Bundle Announced

Jeff Williams

Microsoft just announced their sixth, and newest, Xbox One bundle, this time with Fallout 4 as the driving game release.

Get Fallout 4 and Fallout 3 with a 1TB Xbox One coming this November.

The bundle itself consists of a 1TB Xbox One, a physical copy of Fallout 4 and of course a digital copy of Fallout 3 so that you can catch up on the rich history of the wasteland after re-living the beginning.

The bundle is set to be available starting in November for $399. This'll be available in 29 total countries when it finally hits store shelves.

This is the fifth day of Microsoft announcing bundles, and we're likely to see many more in the coming days as we draw closer to the release of the many AAA cross-platform games that'll all likely get their own bundles for the holiday season. It might even be possible to see an Xbox One bundle with Battlefront that includes a special digital edition of Battlefront 2 ready to be played. Though don't hold your breath on that one. Though wouldn't that be nice?

These bundles are part of Microsoft's plan to add as much value as they can this holiday season. Though the physical copy of a game and the digital download might not necessarily seem like much of a value to everyone, the price is cheaper than buying everything separately.


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