Facebook for Windows Phone 7 now supports push notifications

A joyous day for the tens and hundreds of Windows Phone users across the world, especially those using the Facebook app. There wasn't a whole lot to love about the Facebook app for Windows Phone. It was slow, jerky, full of bugs and most of all it didn't support any kind of notification system. All that has changed today though. The application has just been updated to version 2.0 which along with improved performance brings the much, much awaited push notifications system.

You should get an auto notification in the market place about the pending update, or you can manually update by searching for the app. When you're done an option to enable push notification should be available in the settings. There's a huge list of what events should you be notified of such as feed comment reply, Photo tag, Photo comment, Tagged photo comment, Photo comment reply etc and you can chose between tile notification, toast, or both. I tried it and it's not working for me (there's a shock!). According to many other forums lots of people are having trouble getting this to work as well. Getting push notification to work on WP7 is a bit of a novelty it self but I'm gonna give it a benefit of the doubt and say it's probably some glitch in Facebook's notification server. Let's hope it works out well enough. Fingers crossed!

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