Facebook to Get a Facelift; Will Become More Events and Groups Focussed

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Facebook announced an overhaul of its main mobile app today that adds emphasis to Events and Groups. The company says it’s placing Groups at a more accessible location. Similarly, the Events tab is getting an overhaul too. The redesign will start rolling out immediately on iOS and Android around the world. The desktop version will get the redesign too but at a later date.


The new Groups tab that’s now placed in the middle row of the menu bar. Users will now get a personalized feed of updates from their various groups as well as recommendations to join new groups based on their interests. Facebook is also building specific tools tailored to group types. The company says you’ll also be able to post to any group you’re a part of from the News Feed once the changes take effect.

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The Events tab gets a fresh coat of paint

The new events tab will now sit next to the Groups tab in the new menu bar. It has a richer map view for seeing where the events you’re interested in are in proximity to one another. The whole idea is to make it easy for users to find new events, organize your calendar, and quickly sift through events your friends are hosting and public ones. It appears that Facebook wants you to go out there and make your presence felt; in the real world.


Before we forget, there's also a new feature called Meet New Friends. Facebook wants to go back to its roots and help people connect with strangers that have shared interests. It can be anything ranging from liking the same music, working for the same employer or attending the same school. The Meet New Friends tab will get baked into its new Groups design to help connect people with shared interests.

Facebook wants to shift focus from the News Feed

To put it simply, the era of the 'News Feed' is over. What once served as the primary medium through which users interacted with Facebook, will soon be a relic of the past. The News Feed isn't going to disappear magically, though. It's just that Facebook is looking to become a more 'community-centric' platform as opposed to its individualistic nature. Time and again, we've seen that any platform that encourages discussion among the larger community (eg. Reddit) grows faster than one that limits discussions to a few individuals. By encouraging users to participate in Groups and Events, Facebook wants its users to engage in more public discourse while also being a place where you can connect with that annoying schoolmate who you haven't spoken to in years.

News Source: The Verge

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