Facebook’s Smart Speaker With 15-inch Touch Panel In The Works, To Be Announced Next Year


The market is soon to be flooded with smart speakers from different makers. The trend that was started by Amazon and Google has now become a course of action for companies like Samsung and Facebook. As confused as Samsung seems for the Bixby speaker, we think that it may produce one at the end. The latest entrant is Facebook who is not contemplating on the idea, as it has already started working on the project.

The social media giant is planning to come up with a smart speaker that would rival Google Home, Amazon's Echo, and Apple's upcoming HomePod. A report from a Taiwanese media site teases Facebook's plan for a smart speaker. The only question that pops up in our mind when we hear about Facebook's plan is that it does not have a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa so how will it create a speaker?

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Skipping Voice Recognition

Well, the company is going to skip voice recognition functions that we see on other smart speakers. Facebook's device would focus more on the imagery, which is why it will feature a 15-inch touch panel. All this information comes from the sources in the supply chain of the product. A visual display on a smart speaker is not a new addition, we have already seen it on Amazon's Echo Show. However, Facebook's concept has a bigger screen that will offer more functionalities.

Pegatron as the manufacturer

According to the report, Facebook's smart speaker will be manufactured by Pegatron, and it will witness its release in the first quarter of 2018. In fact, the manufacturer has already begun a pilot production at its plants in China. LG Display will provide the 15-inch touchscreen panel on the speaker, geared with in-cell technology that comes with a chassis made from magnesium-aluminum-alloy.

Pegatron seems to be in profit as it already boasts contracts from market leaders like Apple for iPhone and Microsoft for Surface and Xbox One.

Facebook is not the only one coming up with a smart speaker. Amazon is also working on a successor to its already popular series, which will be released at the end of this year. Amazon seems to be working on stealing Apple's thunder who is working on its music-oriented smart speaker - HomePod, priced at $350.