Facebook Is Not Working And Kicking Thousands Of Users Out Of Their Accounts


Facebook is down, and it is logging people out of their accounts and not allowing them to log in again. The social media giant is allegedly experiencing failure of its principal elements, which in turn is creating trouble for the website to work smoothly.

Many users have reported that they are getting weird alerts from Facebook, such as - deletion of messages for being detected as spam. Various users have also stated that they couldn't log into their accounts because of verification. Some are even getting notified by Facebook that their account is under hack attack and as a precaution their password has been changed, but the new password still does not allow users to get back to their account.

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For now, the reasons behind the outage are not confirmed. Even last week, many users complained about the problem with their news feed. Facebook has not yet released any statement about the ongoing issue, but we expect to get more information shortly. According to an outage detecting website - DownDetector, the problem is currently being faced by users residing in Europe, United States (East and West coast), Brazil, and some areas in Australia.

Facebook Outage

In another news, even Gmail users are facing similar issue when they try to log into their account. Various users took to Reddit to complain about the alleged issues on Gmail on mobile. Even on Twitter, several users reported that two-step verification system is not working properly and the users are no longer able to log into their account.

We would like to suggest our readers to not panic if they get any message from Facebook regarding suspicious account activity, change of password, or if they are not able to log into their accounts. The website is certainly going through some technical issues and it will soon come back on track. Until then, it would be better to wait for the fix and not waste time on logging into your account. The problem looks to be more on the server-side and Facebook's security tools are probably not working properly.

Are you also experiencing issues with Facebook? If yes, then share with us in the comment section below.