Facebook Now Lets You Send 15-Second Birthday Greeting Video To Friends


Facebook is experimenting with a bevy of new things to be integrated with its social media platform. While some may be in the process, others have been rolled out. Now, the social networking giant has rolled out a new feature in its app that enable users to record a mere 15-second video and send it to their friends as a birthday greeting.

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Send Your Friend A Video Birthday Greeting With Birthday Video Cam

The feature is known as the Birthday video cam, which will be prompted automatically on the profile of a friend on their birthday. So there are no tricks involved in activating the feature from within the app settings. As the option is prompted, all you have to do is tap on it and the camera viewfinder will pop open. Tap on the big red record button and your 15-second video will begin recording. Add a birthday message in the video and post it to your friend's timeline. Just an advice, the audio for this feature is disabled by default. So it would be better if you make use of the playcards to wish your friend.


Sending a standard non-fun birthday greeting would not be too exciting. To tackle this, Facebook has also included birthday-themed frames in the video. You can access these themes by swiping on the video viewfinder. This is pretty cool and adds a bit of spice on the whole birthday greeting thing. Since uploading videos have always been available on the Facebook app, the presence of its availability just make things easier. Nonetheless, adding frames on videos would have been a cumbersome task to begin with.

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All in all, the company is hoping to make Birthday greetings a bit more special yet interesting. This might be the first step for Facebook to convert users News Feed into a personalized video channel, showing videos based on the likes and preferences of the user. Even though the step is comparatively small, it might be the road to implementing bigger changes in the future.

The Birthday video cam feature is interesting for all, but it looks like Facebook has yet not rolled out the feature on Android. However, for those of you with an iOS device, you can send birthday video greetings starting today. We do hope that the company would soon roll out the feature on Android as well.

This is it for now, folks. Have you used this feature? Do you think Facebook should enable audio for its Birthday video cam? Let us know in the comments.