Facebook Is Launching A New Personalized Tab For Notifications Soon


Recently, Facebook allowed publishers to integrate their content with Facebook in a more streamlined way via Instant Articles. This ultimately leads users to stick to the Facebook app other than leaving it. However, Facebook has yet not stopped planning things further. On Monday, the social networking giant announced a new personalized notifications tab with expanded features which we will talk about later on.

Users will be able to add information based on time like birthdays, signed up events, entertainment events from pages that users have liked and much more. This will provide the so called ''personalized'' experience for the user.

So let's see some more details on Facebook's upcoming plans for a personalized notifications tab.

Facebook's Upcoming Notification Tab Will Let Us See Personalized Content

The forthcoming notifications tab will aid users in the provision of more relevant and personal information. Currently, the app's notification screen shows information regarding internal notifications that concern Facebook alone, other than the information happening in the real world. The notification tab will enable users to put their hands on data happening in their region. To be more precise, the current notification screen only shows notifications while the upcoming tab will aid in the provision of information.

The upcoming personalized tab for notifications will host information about the happenings community, like the local events and news. Other than this, the notifications tab will also show the current weather conditions as well as severe weather alerts. Moreover, the tab will also notify users with timing for movies in the nearby theatres. Suggestions for nearby restaurants are also available with links to Facebook Pages and reviews that will allow users to remain in the app other than opening separate ones for each task.

On the plus side, Facebook also mentions that the notification settings for users would remain the same. The new personalized notifications tab will simply enhance and further customize things that users want to be notified about. Facebook's upcoming notification tab is one step compared to many, minimizing the time and work required to do the same task. Facebook has not finalized any details on the final release of the feature and possibly we will see a mass roll out of this update for iOS and Android in the future.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about this new personalized notifications tab? Is it a welcome change to the social networking app? Let us know in the comments below.