Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Workplace Go Down In Massive Outage

Over the last hour, Facebook services have gone dark over pretty much the entire world and taken down sister services like Whatsapp, Instagram and even Workplace (which Wccftech for one, uses as its primary ERP).

Update: Please read the updated version about the potential Facebook hack here

Considering the global nature of the outage this is most likely a DNS error at a core registry. DNS services are critical to the seamless running of the internet and many of the Internet's core infrastructure is fairly dated. While Cloudflare is almost always the central point of failure, disruptions in that are usually localized and intermittent with slowdowns affecting the websites.

Anayone attempting to connect to any of these services will be met with the familiar error (one that is likely caused by DNS):

Downdetector reveals that the outage is massive:

Ironically, Facebook's Antigone Davis was live on CNBC and talking about the companies policies and recent research (which we do not believe in by the way) suggesting that social media are harmful to teenagers when the service network suddently went offline and started flashing a 5xx server error message.

It is not just Facebook that is down but practically all of its sister companies. Everything from Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and even Workplace are affected. This is one of the most severe outages in recent history as Whatsapp typically is not affected and shows just how much centralization has taken place at Facebook Inc. to result in a cascade failure with one central point of failure.

This is a developing story and weill add more details as they become known.

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