Facebook Hit With Another Attack Of The Copy-Cat Syndrome – It Now Wants To Help Donate With A GoFundMe Like Feature


Facebook is still not over its copy-cat syndrome and has made it an aim to copy the best features of popular apps and services. I am beginning to wonder if the company executives actually sat down and said to each other, ‘Let’s just copy everybody till we come up with something new.’ It just added an extremely lame Snapchat-like stories update and once again it has added a not-so-original idea. The company just created a GoFundMe type personal fundraising feature.

According to the company, “Personal fundraisers allow people to raise money for themselves, a friend or someone or something not on Facebook, for example a pet. Personal fundraisers will launch in the US for people aged 18 years or older and in beta over the next few weeks, as we hope to continue to learn and improve the product to make it even more useful. For example, we will begin with six specific categories for critical financial needs and include a 24-hour fundraiser review process. As we learn more, we hope to expand our categories and automate more of the review process.”

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Facebook wants to help donate

The six categories that come under this process are as follows:
• Education – including tuition, books or classroom supplies
• Medical -medical procedures, treatments or injuries
• Pet Medical –veterinary procedures, treatments or injuries
• Crisis Relief - public crises, natural disasters etc
• Personal Emergency - house fire, robbery, car accidents etc
• Funeral and Loss - burial expenses, living expenses after losing a breadwinner

This feature allows people to donate to friends/family via Facebook. According to the company the ability to see profiles of those in need helps donors have faith that whatever they donate is actually for a good cause and no fraud is involved. According to Facebook, “Since you can see real profiles on Facebook, donors will see how they are connected to the person who created the fundraiser, the person benefiting and others who are supporting the fundraiser.”

Since last year Facebook has allowed registered charities to seek donations via Facebook and now it allows them to add a Donate button to their live broadcasts. U.S. users will be able to see this new feature roll out in the coming few days.