Apple’s Face ID Interface Will Effortlessly Authenticate Payments Through Apple Pay Service

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Face ID Will Be Able to Authenticate Your Payments Using Apple Pay

Face ID could be a very good alternative authentication method in the iPhone 8 to seamlessly get through the home screen without even using your fingers to do the job. Now there is going to be one more thing added to its flexible repertoire and that is being able to authenticate payments. According to leaked iOS 11 firmware, it appears that authorizing payments using Apple Pay is going to be a walk in the park since the use of Face ID is expected to simplify the process.

Leaked Setup on How to Enable Face ID on iPhone Also Provided Prior to Apple’s September 12 Keynote

According to this leaked iOS 11 firmware, the process to initiate payments will start from using Face ID to authorize if the owner of the iPhone 8 is indeed transferring funds or not. With Apple Pay expected to be a secure platform to authenticate payments, the inclusion of Face ID will make the process ever so simple.

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However, the use of Face ID is not going to be sufficient because similar to a two-factor authentication, the approach to confirm payments will require the double click of a button. It has not been detailed if this button is present somewhere on the iPhone 8, or whether it will be present via the interface, but we believe that this particular step is a move in the right direction.

Transferring funds erroneously to another individual might be a painful experience but reverting those transfers is going to be excruciating and time-consuming, so using a different way to confirm payments is a convenient little addition and that too with minimized risk and headaches.

There was also a step-by-step process leaked via iOS 11 firmware on how to easily set up the iPhone 8’s Face ID, so if you want to learn about this prior to the official announcement taking place on September 12, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Do you think having Face ID to authenticate payments via Apple Pay is a nifty feature that users should start adopting once they get their hands on the iPhone 8? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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