Fable Isn’t Dead – Fable Fortune Card Game Goes to Kickstarter for Funding


A couple of months ago, we reported the sad news of Fable Legends's cancellation and Lionhead's closure by Microsoft. We assumed that was not the end for the IP, though, and it turns out that we were right.

It turns out that Lionhead was secretly developing a CCG (collectible card game) and now a new studio formed by ex-Lionhead developers, Flaming Fowl Studios, decided to try and fund the game via Kickstarter after Microsoft granted them the license for Fable Fortune.

The game will be available for PC (Steam & Windows Store) and Xbox One, with Android and iOS to follow at a later date. According to the team, the Closed Beta phase is only "a handful of months" away; the goal is to get the game into the hands of Gold tier backers in two months. Learn more about the project from the following Kickstarter highlights.

Let's bring back Fable!

Set in the whimsical world of Albion, Fable Fortune is a Fable themed free-to-play collectible card game (CCG) that combines the franchise's most cherished gameplay systems with an array of pioneering game modes.

And so our story begins...

Fable Fortune was the secret project that we, a small team of veterans, have been heading up from within Lionhead. Inspired by the popularity of Fable Pub Games, Mike West (our Creative Director) originally pitched a Fable CCG back on Fable II. 18 months ago, his passion for the concept finally paid off when he moved into the Franchise Team at Lionhead and we received the greenlight to start development on Fable Fortune. We have been working on it ever since.

We were getting close to finally announcing but as many of you will be aware, Microsoft recently made the decision to close Lionhead which obviously impacted our project. Almost immediately after this news broke we knew what we wanted to do! We wanted to make a new studio, with a suitably silly name and carry on making this ourselves. We believed in the game and we believed Fable fans would want to see it. We just had to convince Microsoft to let us carry on…

We approached Microsoft - hoping for the best, prepared for a corporate hand to the face. To our delight they were very open to the idea and agreed to grant us the licence for Fable Fortune. To be clear, we haven’t been granted a license to the entire Fable franchise, Microsoft have retained these rights, but we have the creative freedom to continue developing Fortune as an independent studio. We care deeply about Fable and it means the world to us that Microsoft have trusted us to continue using the IP.

Every match takes place within an iconic Albion location drawn directly from the Fable series.

Whether punching the smug faces of overconfident heroes in Fairfax Castle, or leading a band of pitchfork-wielding peasants into the dark shadows of Lychfield Cemetery, you'll be taking on a set of quests unique to each of these locations.

Each hero can only reach their true potential by completing quests - unique tasks chosen by both players during a match. Construct decks and build strategies to fulfil the objectives of your chosen quests and reap the hard-won rewards!

Of course, for every quest a player completes, they must then make a choice between Good & Evil...

Core to all Fable games is the player's choice to use their heroic powers for Good or Evil - and Fortune continues that legacy.

Over the course of each battle, the player's hero will morph to reflect their alignment, changing the effects of their special abilities and also morphing many cards in their deck into more powerful variants.

Wise choices as to when to follow the path of Skorm or Avo, can turn even the closest of matches.

Make friends you'll keep for a lifetime!

Fable Fortune will feature a co-op mode entirely unique to the CCG genre, allowing you to team-up with a friend against a host of Fable villains such as Nostro or Logan.

While each player builds their own deck, their units are shared in a fast-paced brawl that creates many epic dual deck combinations!

There’s something for everyone in Fortune because it has been designed with a strong event system at its core.

At any one time there will be the core PvP league, a co-op boss and at least one gameplay warping event available to play.

Whether you are ultra-competitive or prefer co-operative games, brand new to card games or a 20-year veteran, you’ll always find something to excite you within Fable Fortune.