Explore Little Nightmares II with an Illusionary Intro from Derren Brown


Have you ever wondered what dreams and nightmares are all about? I have found myself curious, at times. This started when I dreamt about having a PS2 before the PS2 was even announced. Granted, my dream saw me walking around school with my PS2, a football hitting me in the face, me dropping the PS2 and being mightily unhappy about that. Honestly, I doubt Little Nightmares II can top that, in terms of terror.

Okay, maybe it can. I know this from experience, having previewed Little Nightmares II already. The many explanations of dreams and nightmares by Derren Brown is interesting, but it's the actions playing behind the scene that show you what is coming to terrify you in the upcoming Little Nightmares II.

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From the disembodied hand that has already led me to jump a few times, to the strange elongated-neck lady, the whole cast of freaky fiends that are going to be haunting your every step in the upcoming game makes an appearance in this trailer. Highlighting these foes and some of the environments you're going to be exploring, it just makes me more enthusiastic about the games' launch in just one week, the 11th of February.

If you can't wait to get your hands-on with it and want a bit of a taster, you can still download the demo over on Steam, the PlayStation Store, the Microsoft Store and even the Switch Store. While you're waiting for your demo to download, watch Derren Brown and learn about nightmares in the trailer below.