Exoprimal is Capcom’s New Co-op Dead-Rising-Style Dinosaur-Blasting Action Game


All-new franchises from major publishers are a relatively rare thing these days, but surprise, during the most recent State of Play show Capcom revealed their new IP – Exoprimal. The game looks to be Capcom’s new take on the Dead Rising concept, with players taking on large hordes of baddies, although there are some pretty major changes. First, the zombies have been replaced with dinos, second, you now do battle in a badass exosuit, and finally, there’s a whole PvPvE thing going on, with teams of five competing to complete objectives while mowing down the reptilian horde. Capcom’s throwing a lot at the wall here! You can check out the first trailer for Exoprimal, below.

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Need to know more? Here’s Capcom’s official Exoprimal description:

Future Tech

In the near future, strange occurrences are threatening humanity’s existence. Vortexes are opening in the sky, flooding cities with deadly creatures from the prehistoric era. As raptors cascade from above and Tyrannosaurus Rexes stomp through the streets, it’s up to squads of five brave Exofighters in mechanized combat armor, known as Exosuits, to fight back against the dinosaurs who threaten to push humanity toward extinction.

Ancient Threat

In Exoprimal’s primary game mode, Dino Survival, you’ll be competing against a rival squad to complete dynamic objectives. At times, that means tearing through dinosaurs, while at other times that means transporting cargo or protecting a critical point from relentless assaults. You can even receive orders to interfere with the opposing team or take them out directly, so be ready for anything!

Fighting Back

Each Exosuit has a specific role in combat that can complement your squad’s tactics. Deadeye keeps a healthy distance while unleashing a hail of destructive force with powerful assault weapons. The melee-range Zephyr carves a path through hordes of smaller dinosaurs. The tank-like Roadblock bears a massive shield to hold off enemies, while the Witchdoctor ensures allies stay healthy and ready to re-engage. Thanks to the efforts of the Aibius Corporation, Exosuits can be swapped out in the middle of combat, allowing your team to change tactics at a moment’s notice without having to disengage from a fight.

Guiding AI

Aibius is also behind the development of Leviathan, an artificial intelligence which is instrumental in predicting where vortexes will open next. Leviathan acts as a navigator, providing constantly evolving objectives throughout each match, and instructing your squad on what your next task will be.

Dinosaur Forecast: Medium

Your elite team will always be outnumbered by massive swarms of dinosaurs, but between the power of Exosuits and Leviathan’s guidance, you’ll be able to slowly piece together what’s going on in the world of Exoprimal. As you play, you’ll unlock narrative elements and story threads that will weave together to provide more insight into this near-future world plagued by dinosaur outbreaks.

Exoprimal rampages onto PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 sometime in 2023. What do you think? Ready to blast some dinos?

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