[Update] Exclusive Interview With AMD’s Robert Hallock – Submit Your Questions Here

[Update] Hi folks, we've compiled the most popular questions in addition to questions that we found to be most interesting. Robert will be going through them in the next few days to make sure he can give us the best possible answers without breaking any NDA. We remain just as excited as you are about this interview and we'd like to thank you for your patience.

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I'm delighted to announce that we'll be conducting an exclusive interview with AMD's Robert Hallock. Robert is responsible for technical communications at AMD's graphics division. And he kindly agreed to take questions directly from you, our wonderful readers.

AMD RadeonAMD Ready To Answer All Your Burning Questions

Please understand that due to various constraints Robert will not be able to answer all of your questions. We want to give everyone of you an equal chance to ask a question so please take note of the guidelines below :

- Make sure to keep your questions as clear and as concise as possible.
- Try your best to ask questions in relation to AMD's graphics division, CPUs are outside of Robert's area of expertise.
- Please ask only a few questions and try not to repeat questions which have been asked by other readers before you.
- If you see a question that interests you and you want to see answered you can go ahead and upvote it.
- All questions must be submitted before 12PM CDT Sunday October 19th.

You can ask about anything graphics related, GPUs, AMD's never settle game bundle program, the Gaming Evolved app, Mantle, TressFX, CrossfireX, Eyefinity, FreeSync & 4K gaming. These are just examples which you can go by. Also please remember that Robert cannot discuss products which haven't been announced, so keep that in mind.

You can go ahead and submit your questions via our Disqus section below. We look forward to reading everyone of them ! We'll hopefully have the interview up by next week.

While we will focus on the GPU side of AMD's business this times. We realize that many of you want to ask questions in relation to AMD's CPU side as well. We'll work with AMD to ensure that you get to do that as well fairly soon so stay tuned !

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