Exclusive: Follow Up On AMD’s Agenda For CES 2019

Usman Pirzada

A few weeks back, I published an exclusive telling you about AMD's plan to launch Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, APUs, and a next-gen graphics card, and I wanted to follow up on it with some more details regarding the process node - fresh from a source inside the company. It's worth noting that part of my report has already come true (namely AMD's Ryzen 3000 series mobility processors) and I am pleased to say that I have more details before the big event tomorrow. Here is what AMD will be talking about in their keynote.

AMD CES 2019: 7nm products (soft) launch with availability sometime in Q2 2019, planning to be first-to-market with 7nm

AMD will be soft launching (read: announcing) at least two 7nm product lineups. The first one is the 7nm Ryzen 3000 next-generation series (yeah that's different from the 12nm variants) and the other is the consumer variant of their 7nm Vega GPU - which has been codenamed Radeon Vega II (although AMD might decide to christen that something else externally). From what I have heard this will be just a soft launch with the actual availability planned for sometime in Q2 2019. AMD is very excited about these products and believes it can be the first to market with 7nm SKUs.

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As for how much detail AMD will go into, I can only guess, but my understanding is that they will not go into specific details at this time and are aiming for a more holistic approach to introducing their product (under promise, over deliver - the way it should be). So expect a discussion regarding both the 7nm Ryzen 3000 series and their plans for consumer vega - which I have already discussed - is internally codenamed as the Radeon Vega II. They will also be talking about more Radeon Graphics cards but I do not have details on those right now.

The third major item on the agenda is going to be Ryzen 3000 series with Vega graphics, these are also next-generation processors which will have Vega on-package and will provide competition to Intel in the integrated graphics category. Ryzen and Vega would make for a great combination - especially in the budget gaming / HTPC market and unlike traditional iGPUs - will actually be able to churn out some gaming horsepower.

One thing I did want to mention: AMD is incredibly excited about their progress and this sentiment itself is dripping down the grapevine - it's clear that they are incredibly confident they can beat everyone (including Intel and NV) to market with 7nm products. Stay tuned for coverage of the actual keynote tomorrow! I wanted to keep this update short and sweet so this is all for now, folks.

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