Exclusive Deal: UGREEN 4-Port 65W GaN Fast Charger 30% Flat OFF – Smaller, Faster and 60% Cheaper Than Apple’s


UGREEN has been making waves as a company that is making extremely high-quality products affordable for the consumer. With a philosophy to work with razer-thin margins, the company provides products with an exceptional build quality, bleeding-edge features, and a classy aesthetic for the price of cheap. Their Gallium nitride fast chargers are no exception, with the same security features as Apples, but cheaper, faster and smaller at the same time!

UGREEN's powerful 65W Gallium nitride (GaN) chargers are 30% off using our exclusive discount code

UGREEN reached out to us and wanted to give our audience an exclusive 30% discount on their gallium nitride line which consists of two chargers. Both chargers are 65W by design and exceptionally small (they will fit in the palm of your hand). Both support the PD standard but while one has a single USB-C port (Apple style), the other has 1 USB C port and 3 USB 3.0 ports.

The discount code 'UGWCCF773' is applicable to the following products:

Valid date: 10/07/2020 12:01 AMPDT - 10/11/202011:59 PMPDT

These discounts are only valid for a limited amount of time and while stocks last so don't waste time and hurry up!

Gallium nitride chargers have been getting better fast since they first came out earlier this year, we all know that price is higher for most people, now UGREEN launched 65W GaN Fast Charger with up to 30% off using our exclusive discount code!

UGREEN has always strived to provide customers with an efficient and simple life, based on this idea, 65W GaN USB C Charger was born. This is a charger that is not only smaller than its Apple counterpart but cheaper and faster, all thew hile rocking up to 4 ports for multiple devices.

With this 65W GaN Fast Charger you will enjoy efficient charging, it can charge iPhone from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes, and can charge iPhone, iPad Pro 2020, Nintendo Switch Lite and AirPods at the same time. Intelligent power management can provide the best charging power to quickly charge the device.

This 4-Port charger would be the best choice for life, work with ease, no longer need to equip each device with a different charger, make the desktop tidy, and no longer worry about the mess of the power cord and insufficient sockets. Share with your family, and no longer argue about who charges first. And it is ergonomically designed to save you up to 50% of space. No need to carry multiple charging adapters when traveling.

The UGREEN charger also features extremely high build quality

  • GaN high-frequency power controller: SC1936 from PI, built-in Gallium Nitride Metal Oxide Semiconductor, improves the efficiency, consume less power, integrates with power control circuit, clean and tidy; De-rating design, secure and reliable;
  • Fast recovery bridge rectifier stack: reduces the cost of EMI, complaint with EMC standards
  • Low RDSon: sync with the Metal Oxide Semiconductor, efficient, low temperature with stress de-rating design, secure & reliable;
  • 3 USB C &1 USB A layout: intelligent power management, with a max 65W power output. Suits for fast charging for phone, tablet, Nintendo Switch, laptops; New devices coming with Type C charging port, the USB-A port for old device for the transition period;
  • PC+ABS Anti-burning casing: 94V-0 rating;
  • High-density insulation sheet: isolated the primary voltage against the secondary voltage, ensure product application security;
  • Copper radiator: high thermal conductivity, efficient heat dissipation for components, meet the thermal stress reliability requirement;
  • Foldable prongs: tiny to fit in the bag, avoid the scratch for other items;
  • High voltage electrolytic capacitor: store energy, coupling signals, bypassing low-frequency signals;
  • High-frequency transformer: transform the AC mains to low voltage direct current, power supply for your devices;
  • Solid capacitor: store energy, coupling signals, bypassing low frequency, offer low ripple DC

Oh and did we mention the UGREEN GaN charger is much better than Apple's? Now you can experience the latest GaN wall charger with the best price, choose UGREEN 65W PD Fast Charger, explore your new life!

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