Apple to Release Super-Compact 65W GaN Fast-Charger This Year, Says Report

Apple to Release Super-Compact 65W GaN Fast Charger This Year, Says Report

Apple could end up releasing a new GaN fast charger this year if a new report is to be believed. This technology will allow the Cupertino-based giant to release a power adapter that’s more compact than the one it already sells and it is able to top up the machine much faster.

Several Tech Companies, Including Apple, Expected to Release GaN-Based Power Bricks in the Near Future

According to a report from IT Home, Apple, and other tech companies ranging from Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and OPPO, have plans to use Gallium Nitride technology. These tech firms plan on providing fast-charging solutions that will support the Type-C USB interface and will support up to 65 watts of power. In addition to topping up notebook computers, they’ll also be able to rapidly charge a smartphone’s battery, at least those that support the technology.

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The benefit of using a GaN fast-charger is that they are incorporated with fewer components than standard silicon chargers. This allows them to turn into compact power bricks while being able to deliver a lot of power in return. As it so happens, Xiaomi has released a GaN fast-charger that can deliver up to 65 watts of power and is capable of topping a Mi 10 Pro battery in only 45 minutes. That’s some seriously impressive stuff right here.

The new semiconductor material GaN, or gallium nitride, makes the size of this charger about 48 percent smaller than that of the Xiaomi standard notebook adapter. As for Apple’s plans, it’s not confirmed which product these GaN fast chargers will be released for, but it’s not difficult to speculate since the company’s 13-inch MacBook Pro is the only machine that uses something close to this power. To remind you, Apple’s latest 13-inch MacBook Pro is bundled with a 61W power brick.

Additionally, it’s not confirmed if Apple will be bundling this technology with its product, or will customers have to spend a little more money and get themselves an Apple-branded GaN fast-charger. Looks like time will tell if this ends up being true or not.

News Source: ITHome

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