EVGA intros GeForce GTX 560 Ti – Maximum Graphics Edition Graphics Card.


EVGA has introduced its new Geforce GTX 560 Ti - Maximum Graphics Edition Graphic Card which is based on Crysis 2. Today is also the release day of Crysis 2 developed by Crytek and on this special occasion, EVGA is not only giving a a Full Copy of the game in the package but here's a list of item's bundled along with it:

  • Crysis 2 foldout poster
  • Crysis 2 T-Shirt

Both the items looks fantastic and is a must have for the games fanboy to own one and with the power of the GTX 560Ti you can play the game at even the most demanding settings with a impressive framerate. EVGA has also included a great Nano theme on the Cooler Shroud of the GPU which makes it look awesome.

The card itself is an overclocked variant featuring Core clock speed of 900Mhz and Shader on 1800mhz while the 1GB GDDR5 memory is maintained at 4212mhz giving out a memory bandwidth of 134.8GB/s. The card comes with dual DVI and one mini HDMI port for display connectivity.

The price of the package ain't up yet but EVGA will offer a limited lifetime warranty upon registration.