EVGA announces GTX460 2Win. First Dual GPU Fermi card!


We had seen rumored pics of the card before but no one really knew what it was then. Well the mystery is solved now and as it turns out its none other than a GTX460 in SLi combined together on one single card, making it effectively a 460SLi on a single PCB. This also makes it the first ever dual GPU Fermi based card. Performance scaling on a GTX460 in SLi is incredible. Benchmarks show it easily overtakes the GTX480 and in some cases the GTX580.

The images from EVGA show the dual GTX460 card will handsomely outperform the GTX580 and for the first time 3D Surround will be possible on a single card(you needed SLi to make it possible before). The card will be clocked at 700Mhz with 2GB of GDDR5 memory and 672 CUDA cores. EVGA has not announced any prices yet but they are claiming it to be cheaper than a single GTX580.

With Nvidia about to release its much awaited GTX590, their own variant of a dual GPU card, EVGA has stooped in and stole some of the thunder by offering a card that will offer exceptional value for money, unlike the GTX590 which will cost more than a mid-range gaming system.

Source: EVGA