Eurogamer Confirms Unlocked PS4 7th CPU Core


Yesterday we reported on how the changelog of the FMOD Audio API, mentioned potential access to the PS4’s 7th CPU Core. The access hasn’t been officially confirmed by Sony yet, but according Eurogamer’s sources confirm that the 7th cpu core has indeed been unlocked.

“Over the weekend we consulted our contacts and can confirm that Core 6 has indeed been unlocked and is available for game developers to utilise. However, there are a couple of caveats here”

Eurogamer reports that, one of those caveats might be that, it's “highly likely that existing games will have no access to the additional CPU power by default”.

It seems that developers need to update existing titles through a patch, to allow the game to access the extra core. Of course, support for the extra core can be implemented directly for new upcoming games.

Eurogamer adds that its “uncertain as to how much CPU time from the unlocked core developers actually have access to”.

Main competitor Microsoft, unlocked the 7th core for their Xbox One, in January of this year. Due to access to the 7th core, developers were able to use more processing power for their games. According Eurogamer, “the ability to tap into more processing power could perhaps explain why Assassin’s Creed Unity runs smoother on Xbox One than it does on PS4, and also why traffic-heavy junctions in GTA 5 see a smaller hit to performance on the Microsoft console. It may also explain this curious presentation slide from the developers of ACU, showing a 15 per cent CPU advantage to Xbox One compared to PS4″.

Eurogamer writes that they have invited Sony to comment on the matter, and will update with any response.