Eurocom Sky X9E2 Supports A Dual GPU Configuration, and 120Hz Display – Other Specs Are of Equal Marvel


Eurocom is definitely no stranger when it comes to making gaming laptops that will also serve to become desktop replacements. The reason why it’s being referred to as a desktop replacement is because of its hardware specifications and unfortunately, those high specs will also mean that it will fetch an extremely high price tag.

Eurocom Sky X9E2 Supports up to a Whopping 64GB RAM and an i7-6700K Processor

There are several configuration models that you choose to add on the Eurocom Sky E9E2 and the 17.3-inch gaming notebook can either be made to run a single GTX 1080, single GTX 1070, or if you have additional money left over, you can choose to run a SLI configuration of either a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080. If that wasn’t enough, then you can also choose between a 120Hz panel (which will be limited to a 1080p resolution), a 4K display or a regular 1080p panel. There’s also an option to use NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology, which will also cost you unfortunately.

There are rarely gaming laptops that can take the RAM count up to 64GB and while the aforementioned value is definitely overkill for majority of the gaming crowd, there are users who will find use of it. If you ask me, 32GB is definitely the sweet spot, because having 16GB of RAM wasn’t enough (Batman Arkham Knight), and it’s not due to the lack of memory available, it’s due to companies not debugging games that end up utilizing a lot of memory.

The maximum CPU support from the Eurocom Sky E9E2 is an i7-6700K. You can also choose between an i7-6700, but the unlocked variant will allow you to increase the CPU’s multiplier’s thus increasing the clock speed. You can also choose between SSD and HDD storage, and figuring that you’ll need the additional speeds, SSD is definitely the way to go.

The Eurocom Sky X9E2 comes with either a 330W or 660W PSU. The 660W power supply is going to have to be chosen when you want to run two GPUs in NVIDIA’s SLI configuration, so the price is going to shoot up because of this. The base model of the gaming model is a decent $2,499, but after just increasing the hardware specifications to their maximum values, we found our grand total went up to $8,873 and that’s just increasing the components inside the machine.

Order a few accessories along the way, and it won’t be long till you’ll be paying for a $10,000 gaming notebook. Eurocom has marketed its gaming notebooks as desktop replacements, but it looks like you’re going to have to pay a lot for it.