Euclideon’s Infinite Detail Engine Is Getting Two Titles – Is the Future of Gaming Here?

Usman Pirzada

[Mini-Editorial] Euclideon's Infinite Detail Engine is probably one of the most mythological pieces of technologies that exist in the gaming world. Back when it was released, it raised one helluva storm before dying down as a fraud or a scam. Over the years they have been making ripples and bubbles and many critics have started to reconsider their statements. It's about time too, because Euclideon has just released a video showcasing their current level of technology and unless I am very much mistaken, announced the future of the Gaming Industry. euclideon logo

Two Games Using the Euclideon Unlimited Detail Engine Are In Development - Game Division in 2015

I still remember seeing the initial video they released all those years back and feeling the awe as they zoomed down to a grain of sand. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed when the consensus on the Internet branded it as an elaborate hoax. It now makes me very happy to state that this does not appear to be the case, and that the Euclideon Engine is  (probably) legit. Now to be fair, some competitors do exist for this company, with the most noteworthy being Atomontage Engine. However, Euclideon remains the only company that claims to be able to render 'unlimited' number of 3D Pixels/Voxels/Points/Atoms (whatever you want to call them).


The new video can be found on Youtube, on Euclideon's official channel. They initially talk about how graphics have progressed throughout the ages, but then move on to show some incredibly breath taking montages of buildings and places. However, I don't know who these guys are kidding because even though our current technology cant match that level of fidelity that the Unlimited Detail Engine boasts, it still looks like Game-y Visuals. You can see samples form the video clip yourself. The biggest argument raised by critics was that even if the engine is true, it is based on Voxels/Point Clouds and will not be able to do animations. And the CEO of the company addresses these at the very end:

"Yes, Euclideon is working on two games.... Yes [Unlimited Detail Engine] can do Animation and Yes its very good. "

I don't know about you guys, but I am certainly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. The company has now reached such phenomenal heights that it seems too big to fail (pun intended). Their Geoverse initiative is pretty huge too, bigger than even gaming applications; if that is even possible. Either way, they will show off Animation in their next video (though I have a feeling, we might have to wait a few years for it) and will open a Gaming Division in 2015. Looks like the future is coming real soon folks, because this in addition with an Occulus Rift would be heaven.

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