Essential Phone Is Possibly the Best ‘Value for Money’ Smartphone You Can Buy Right Now

Omar Sohail
Essential Phone Is Possibly the Best ‘Value for Money’ Smartphone You Can Buy Right Now

Another day, another discounted. The best thing about smartphones is that the pricing can reduce substantially to make it a more attractive purchase for the customer. Case in point is the Essential Phone, a flagship that might not have done well during its official release to the market, but looking at its price right now, we’d have to agree that the phone is screaming with ‘value’.

The Snapdragon 835 might be a bit too old for the majority of people’s taste, but if you are looking for extraordinary value, we can assure you right now that there is none other that can rival the price of this. The Snapdragon 835 is paired with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

This is definitely a decent hardware combination for the Essential Phone, especially when it is coming at a price that is half that of the competition. While it might not feature a Snapdragon 845, you will find that the software experience is going to be smooth as butter when you run it for the first time. Additionally, you will also find that the 128GB capacity is more than sufficient for you.

It is also one of the few phones to sport that notch, but in the end, you’re getting more screen real estate than ever before and there is a dual-camera system present at the back that is sitting flush with the aesthetically pleasing ceramic and titanium construction of the smartphone. The Essential Phone is also unlocked, meaning that it is going to be working with all major U.S. carries, including those that use CDMA like Sprint and Verizon.

For the price of $349 for the Black Moon version, this is essentially a steal of a flagship phone that was released last year and came in at $699. The company is going to be announcing a successor later down the road, but if you are the kind of consumer that honestly does not mind getting excellent value for money, you should go for this immediately.

Buy the Essential Phone for an absolute steal from Amazon.

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